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At Unidex, we take customer service very seriously. We know that owning and operating a spring machine is a major investment--and when something goes wrong, it could cost you production time and money. Our service experts have decades of experience building and operating and repairing every machine that Unidex sells:

  • Our experts are local to Chicago, and travel anywhere in the U.S.

  • You will be contacted by an English-speaking expert within 24-48 hours

  • We can diagnose 99 percent of issues by email: just fill out service form below

  • Our experts will contact you within one business day 

Whether your machine has reached its maximum output, or a burned out servo motor, our experts can diagnose just about any problem known to your machine--and even those that have never been seen before. From warranty service to emergency machine repair to get your production line back up, Unidex is just a phone call away. And remember, we’re not flying out techs from Korea or Japan--we’re right in your backyard, located centrally in Chicago and able to be anywhere in the states…

Fast, Local Service

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