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UNIDEX: Machines for Every Spring Need and Wire Gauge


At Unidex Spring Machine Company, we pride ourselves in offering spring machines for every need and we will work with you to find the perfect machine for the task you need to accomplish. Our team has a combined 100 years of experience in spring manufacturing and machinery--and we literally wrote the book on the topic.


Simply provide one of our experts with a blueprint for the spring you are looking to manufacture, and we can recommend the perfect machine for your task within minutes. Our goal is to get your shop running machines and producing springs--and not haggling over pricing or upselling you with products that are not going to to help you toward your goal. 

See below for the flagship models that Unidex sells, but remember, we offer dozens of machines for any spring need. Simply contact Sales President, Steven Choi using the form below and he can recommend the perfect machine, complete with with images, specs and customizations. 

Machine Models

Wire Forming Machines
  • EXCEED MTF-SR Series - Wire gauge: .3-6.0 mm
    • EXCEED MTF-50R
    • EXCEED MTSF-23

Machine Questions? Contact our Experts

Wire Bending Machines
  • NICE 3D-R70 - Wire gauge: 2.5-16 mm
  • NICE 3D-DR70C
Coilers & Uncoilers
  • EXCEED EC Series: Wire gauge: .1 mm to 16 mm
    • EXCEED EC-120
  •  EXCEED UC-100
Grinders & Add-ons
  • EXCEED MG-760F
  • SVI-100A

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