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JOHN KIM, Director

Mr. Kim has spent the past 27 years with Unidex Group, where he has built a company based on teamwork and a family-style work environment. Mr. Kim, who holds a PhD in Chemistry, believes in business management based on customer service as a top priority. He came to the U.S. over 43 years ago as a student and went on to teach college-level chemistry before going on to work at a large chemical company. He founded Unidex in 1991, which has steadily grown to an annual yearly sales of $25 million in 2014.

The Unidex Spring Machine Company is a small family-owned business that believes in honesty, quality and strong relationships with its customers. Meet our team below.


Steven Choi, Sales Manager

Steve joined the Unidex team in 1999 after being involved in the  import and export business. Steve, who holds a B.A. of Psychology, has thrived in the close-knit family at Unidex. "It’s a pleasure to be part of this vibrant community and I simply enjoy working here. It has been a learning experience every year and I have traveled many places over the years and met a diversity of people," he says. 

Rod Poore, Service Manager

Rodney joined the Unidex team in 2016, with a focus on working with customers for custom tooling and machine repair. He has worked in the spring industry since 1978, when he taught himself how to rebuild mechanical spring machines. He's even written a book on the subject, owned a small spring manufacturing company and worked with CNC spring machines. "I designed and built my own machines that are still in use today," he says. Rodney currently teaches CNC machining at the community college level. 

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